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    Hello everyone. New to the forums, but have had the phone for quite a while now. I recently had my phone damaged and went to the verizon store to replace it, the great customer service there had me in and out with a brand new Samsung SCH-i760 phone in about 15 min. Anyways, I had also gotten a new case for it. The case is a little pocket thats attaches to your belt side, and it has a very large magnit to keep the flap shut. I've had the phone for about a week and a half now, and the battery does not last at all, maybe for a half of day. Where as my last Samsung SCH-i760 stayed alive for a good 2 days. I was woundering if the magnit in the case had probably drained or damaged the battery in the phone, due to the way I put the battery out towards the magnit flap. Any help or suggestions would be highly appriciated and would like to get down to the problem before I go back to the store and buy another battery. Possibly I can call up verizon and complain saying that the case they make has damaged my phone battery, so they'll send a battery for free. Thanks again, I appriciate the help.

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    Re: Samsung SCH-i760 battery issues.

    May be the magnet (case), may also be a bad battery.

    You may want to contact Samsung USA : 888-987-4357.

    I mainly use the extended battery and keep the standard one for backup, but I have never had the phone die on me for any reason. Make sure you back your stuff up through on your computer somehow...unfortunately since this phone doesn't have Get It Now, Backup Assistant is of no use in this instance.

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