Hi there. I'm brand new to this board and my Samsung phone is driving me insane!! I'm no phone expert, but I'm pretty sure that I have a Samsung Glyde U940. I did a Google search tonight and looked at some photos, matched it up with mine, and think that's it.

I got it this summer from Verizon and have had issues with it since day one. I kept thinking that they would work themselves out over time, plus I been bust, etc... needlesstosay, I still have it. I'm still unhappy.

The screen is extremely sensitive. I walk around with it, in my pocket. I'll turn it to the main menu and slip it into my pocket, and then every once in awhile, I'll pick it up and press the screen to unlock it, and see that it's somehow on the dial screen, dailing ramdom numbers like... "12222222255552" ... just something crazy! It's like it bounces around in my pocket, unlocks the screen, somehow goes to the dial screen, and starts dailing random digits.

Then sometimes - and I have no idea how this happens - it'll actually go through my contact list and call people. I swear to you!!! I've actually had friends say, "Hey, you called me last night" and I'm like, "no, I didn't" but I check my phone and YES, I did! It's embarassing because it actually calls people that I have no intention to call. I kept bugging my one friend so much, because her name starts with an "A" and she's the first person in my contact list, that I had to delete her information.

Would a belt clip elimate this issue? I don't have a ton of experience with touch screens but I did not realize that they are this sensitive. Plus, would just walking and shaking the phone on my belt, cause the screen to unlock and start calling people the same way???? Does the sensitivity of the U940 drive anybody else insane??? mmm

I need some help. I don't know if the U940 has some defects or if there is a lock key that I can add... because the touch to unlock security feature isn't effective enough for me.



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