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    Cell Phone
    Samsung SGH-T519 Trace
    Hello all

    I recently broke the screen on my Trace (it took one heck of a hit). The rest of the phone appears to work just fine; The ringer is dead but vibe still works and it places and receives calls. A friend even gave me a loaner Samsung to use until T-mo sends out a replacement. The only issue is that the entire phone book was saved to the phone, not the sim card.

    So, could a Trace owner out there with a minute or two on their hands please tell me the exact key sequence I need to press to copy the phone book to the sim card? I need a lot of the numbers for work, and apologize that I can only offer my sincere thanks in return.

    p.s. If you're feeling uber-generous, it would be great to know the key sequence to make all the pictures on the phone "visible" to a bluetooth-connected computer. Or alternately to send them via bluetooth. Reward is an adorable picture of my daughter sitting in the cockpit of a Blackhawk.

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    Re: Asking a favor of a t519 / Trace owner

    right softkey, 8,2, right softkey ,7 right softkey,to copy all to sim

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