Hello, I have a SPH-M620 Samsung Cellphone. I was wanting to write a list of information on my computer and view it on my cell phone, maybe in "memo pad." I tried saving different forms of document type files on my memory card, but it never worked. I tried finding a "memo pad" file, so that I can try to imitate one, and view my file on my cellphone, but I couldn't find the file. I looked for it in the view hidden files mode, and still could not find the "memo pad" file I had made. I also found a software that converted text into a java program, but my phone is not compatible, and I didn't want to risk it (the products name is bookshelf bookshelf 2.1.5)

So anyways, what I would like to do is read a text file, and be able to update that one text file weekly or whenever through my computer-to-memory card-phone.

Thank you for the help already, sincerely Quest

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