I got a Samsung A727 when I first registered for an AT&T account 3 months ago. After a couple of months, I started having problems with the sound. Even when in "normal mode," the buttons would stop making beeping noises and the phone would not making a ringing sound when someone called. However, there is still a sound effect for incoming text and voice messages, and I can still have conversations normally granted that I'm holding the phone and can see (although not hear) that someone's calling me. I checked and made sure that I was still indeed in normal mode and that the settings were as expected and that I didn't just accidentally turn the phone into silent mode or something. You can only fix the problem by restarting the phone, but it will eventually randomly lapse into this pseudo-silent mode again after about a day. I brought the phone into an AT&T store and showed it to an employee. I also called both AT&T and Samsung technical help lines, and nobody could figure out what was going on. I figured that I just had a glitchy phone since nobody else has complained about this, so I exchanged the phone for another A727 under warranty. I just received the new phone about 2 weeks ago, and starting today I'm having the same problem. I've even tried turning on the key lock (which I HATE) to make sure that I'm not just accidentally changing settings, but I still have the problem. What should I do??? I really like the phone, but it's not very useful if I keep missing calls because the sound randomly shuts off with no notice. Nobody else seems to be having this problem, so I'm hoping that I'm just doing something stupid and somebody can help me out. Any ideas?? And no - the phone is NOT in silent mode or any other weird modes, and the volume is NOT at 0.

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