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    Hello. A friend of mine recently recieved a Samsung Omnia from Italy. She does speak some Italian so she is able to use the phone to some degree but is unable to switch the language settings so that the phone is in English. Is there a simple way to do this (preferably with details)? Thanks for any help.

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    I register to the website to answer your question. It had been frustrating for me to find a language pack for my Samsung Omnia (U.S. Verizon version). Google for "Effy-Korean 4.0". It had been easy installation. You don't have to play w/ windows config file to get this work. Connect your phone to your computer. Then, run the file on your computer. That is it. The software let you view and type many languages. I've just checked. It has 2 Italians, 5 chinese, 5 German, YES!! it has Japanese and Korean as well, but much much more. This was similar to opening up a language pack on Windows XP or Vista. After installation, you can change your language by setting up the Regional Setting on your WM. Yes, this is a trial version. However, the product only take way the foreign language typing ability afte experiation. It will show the language w/o a problem, and that is exactly what I needed. I check my google mail in foreign language w/ out a problem. MP3 txt views fine as well.
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