The Behold is a heavy and dense phone. It is somewhat small in size. The Samsung Behold feels good in the hands and have rounded edges with no protrusions.
The front of the Behold is mostly touch display. As with most touch-based phones, you will probably find yourself cleaning fingerprints and grime off the glass all the time. The Behold has a small earpiece speaker above the display. Below the display are three buttons: Send/end keys and the selection key.

These three keys are raised and have a slightly different texture to them than the plastic surrounding them. The buttons themselves make a loud clicking sound.

The volume is on the top left side of the phone and sticks out just enough so that you can find it with your finger. It works well.

The right side of the phone holds the camera key and the lock key. The camera key can be pressed halfway for focusing the camera, and then again to take a picture. The camera key is raised slightly, and can be found very easy. The lock key on the other hand is even with the surface of the Behold and is a little bit harder to find. It is also small.

The back surface of the Behold is made of metal. It pops off easily so you can get at the battery, SIM card slot and slot for the microSD card. Unfortunately, you have to remove the battery to swap out the microSD card.

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