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    I have just purchased this phone and I am pretty happy with the phone itself. BUT, there is a big but here:
    Samsung has seen fit to release this phone with a data cable, which is good, I can move images and music, ringtones, etc. to and from the phone.

    However, the phone does not work with Samsung's own PC Studio. A Utility, by Samsung, that would allow me to sync my contacts and appointments, among other things. This is simply unacceptable in this day and age.

    To add insult to injury, when I inquired with Samsung support about this oversight, their response was that they were not responsible and I should inquire with the provider. In my case Metro PCS. Here is their answer:

    Thank you for your inquiry. This is something that would be best helped by your service provider as PC Studio is not compatible with the r450. Please contact MetroPCS Customer Service at 1-888-8metro8 (1-888-863-8768).
    Your continued interest in Samsung products is appreciated.
    Technical Support
    Metro has absolutely nothing to do with the phone PC connectivity. On a lark, I did call them and they said to contact Samsung.

    So, for those interested, this is the situation:

    Samsung Messager R450 phone:
    1) Samsung download page does not have any downloads available for the phone.
    2) The phone can be connected to a PC provided you manage to find the right drivers which are not listed on the phone's page. ( I found them with Google, but I forgot to make a note of the page)
    3) The phone can be used as a moded. Once again if you can find the drivers and instructions
    4) The phone CANNOT be linked to Samsung's PC Studio 3.x (downloadable from Samsung and present in other phone's product pages). The software simply cannot recognize the phone.
    5) I have tried other third party solutions, but they also do not work.
    6) If it worked, a user would be able to synchronize their contacts and appointments with MS Outlook, exchange files, etc.
    7) The phone can connect via Bluetooth to a computer, but the most I was able to do was send a single contact as a file to my PC. Not the other way around and not in bulk.

    The fact that Samsung releases a "smart" phone that cannot do something as simple as synchronizing contacts is unforgivable. That they try to unload the responsibility to the service provider shows an utter lack of respect for their customers and an unwillingness to make things right.

    I am going to continue using the phone, mostly because I have no choice and because as a phone it is pretty good and it has some nice features. But the lack of a PC Link is unforgivable and if like me you have more than 20 contacts you want to transfer and keep synchronized, look elsewhere or save your money and buy a cheaper phone.

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    re: Samsung Messager R450 doesn't work with PC Studio

    Moved this to its own thread for more exposure

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    re: Samsung Messager R450 doesn't work with PC Studio

    More information about the drivers are in The Hackers Manual.

    "Inside the Samsung r450"
    The Hackers Manual

    You'll find out a lot in this 61 page manual.

    You can also download the PDF file or view the pages online.

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    re: Samsung Messager R450 doesn't work with PC Studio

    Not the best option i suppose!

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