I have used HTC for as long as ive had a cell phone. I have had the ATT Tilt for the past 8 months but within the past 2 months buttons have begin to slow down and stop working. They must be pushed very hard and or held to get a letter or number on the screen. It is not very larger for its overall size but is a fairly bulky phone weighing about 6 or more ounces.

I have looked at many new Samsung phones and old. The Blackjack 2 is definately a nice samsung with a good interface size and weight.

I text, use Agile Mobile if the phone does not have an Instant Messaging system such as AIM, and use the internet, A LOT!

Please any ideas about certain good Samsung phones would be great!

Preferably under $200 or if possible even under $100 if anyone knows of a good website where i could get one.

thank you!

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