Hi I got the Samsung Rant 2 days ago and from the start have been having issues with the one touch carousel. I had over 20 tiles to choose from at first that I could set, but these all seemed to reset back to default almost hourly. I now only have about 7 tiles to add to the default tiles on the phone and I do not know why. I have restarted the phone, defaulted the carousel, took out the battery, reset the phone, and I still have the same problem! I had the hourly issue which sucked before the firmware update but at least I had all the tiles. Now they do not reset on me, but who the hell cares, I hardly have any tiles to add.

Can anyone tell me what I need to do, or how to reset the firmware to its original version please. I called customer support and went in to the local sprint store, and basically all they could tell me is, this is a common problem, that we have no idea how to fix.

When you look up information about the sprint one touch they say new tiles are supposed to be available to download every two weeks if you go to personalize home screen, but all that is in there is the option to add bubbles.

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