I am new and I also just got the samsung Glyde, and I am very disappointed, and was wondering if any one else was having the same problem as I am? I can not send text with more than one picture in it, and it is very annoying did not know if it was something I was doing wrong, I went from an Lg vx 8300 to this glyde, and to say the least it is a major adjustment, but I could atleast send texts with more than one pic, plus I really miss the setting ringtones for each contact and setting a text ringtone for each contact I think I really messed up when I got this glyde and now I am stuck. Does anyone know if there is a different way you have to do it or what when I try to send one it says *can not forward mulitiple slides* I would never of dreamed that would be an issue since this one is alot newer than my old one any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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