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    Re: Samsung Rant driver

    Thank god I read this thread. I thought I was looosing my mind. It is not Plug and Play...I'm so dissapointed in this product alreay! Has anyone found a solution? I'm still working on it.

    See More: Samsung Rant driver

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    Re: Samsung Rant driver

    freaking annoying... i can't get my rant to connect to my pc either. it would be nice if the website that the user guide tells you to go to to download the driver actually existed. alas, i shan't be adding my ringtones tonight...

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    Re: Samsung Rant driver

    Plug and play my foot! I had the problem too until I realize the phone has to drive itself. Would be easier if they actually had a website with a driver, but there is a way to connect it using their method in the manual. the trick is to ignore what windows is trying to do (i did this on xp and eventually got it to work). ignore the add hardware wizard, just keep picking "connect to pc" on your phone until it finally gets to "connected: call disabled" or something like that. at that point it's actually mounted itself as a drive in ur my computer. u can tell the add hardware wizard to stop trying with this device, or just cancel it every time. really annoying way to connect a device but it works if u keep trying.

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    Re: Samsung Rant driver

    What about contacting the samsung dealers?maybe they can help you...they are quite known for their service.


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    Re: Samsung Rant driver

    You can find the USB Driver software at the following address:


    Cannot post link due to low post count, so just copy and paste and edit the 'hXXP' to 'http'.


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    Re: Samsung Rant driver

    I downloaded the Samsung SPH A900 usb drivers and installed the setup it had in folder 3 and after forcing device mananger to look for the driver , my RAnt (m540) began recognizing the phone. Apparantly there are several different Versions of the Samsung CDMA Modem drivers out there ( not pointed to by the Samsung website for the RANT though) and this one also is comaptible to use in case the others in these posts are not suitable. I found one at rapidshare.com with this following the domain name in teh address bar /files/130178728/samsung-sph-a900-usb-driver.zip

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    Re: Samsung Rant driver

    1) RTFM: page 112.

    2) Open up a web browser and __DISABLE POPUP BLOCKING__.

    3) Go to www dot samsungwireless dot com forwardslash usbdownload

    4) Edited by Moderator

    5) Enabling Popup blocking on your web browser.

    6) Edited by Moderator

    EDITOR'S NOTE: If you can't help without being a smartass, don't help at all.

    This is the only warning your going to get!
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    Re: Samsung Rant driver


    You can also try these if you want. They are listed as Samsung 3g Drivers, not sure if they will work for you.

    Also, here is a copy of a Samsung PC Suite, Version 3.13 GL6
    Once again, not sure if it works with Vista or the Rant, but worth a shot?

    As for that post by 1.21Jiggawatts. You mean to tell me that you went through the registration process just to post that nonsense!?!? I mean really, this is a serious forum, not for some person acting like a child to vent.
    Need help with a cell phone, post here.
    Want to vent or think that you are superior because you think you know big, nasty words, please go somewhere else.
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    Re: Samsung Rant driver

    Quote Originally Posted by lug-nut View Post
    Second question...
    Does anyone know of a good (cheap) place to get ear buds/headphones that would fit a Samsung Rant?

    EBay!!! Don't worry about after market, they also have the manufactorer as well ussually

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    Re: Samsung Rant driver

    You do not need to download a driver. I thought the same thing because Vista whines for a driver when you plug the phone into your computer's USB port. Ignore the window that pops up, press the end call button on the phone until the home screen comes up. press the menu/OK button, select tools, select 6.Mass Storage, select 1.Connect to PC and Voila! your phone will automatically upload the driver needed to your PC. Please note that EVERY time you connect your phone to your PC, you will have to go through the same process above, except the next time it won't have to upload the driver. I have found it a lot easier to just pull the MicroSD card and insert it directly into my PC's card reader since Samsung and/or Sprint gurus decided that they won't let us access the rest of the phone through the USB port, only the MicroSD card. I guess its their lame way of making us peons use their service to upload ring tones, backup your contacts lists, etc. in a ploy to suck more money from us.
    Hope this helps,
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