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    Issue 1:
    Ok....so I did the research....I was going to extend my contract w/ Sprint anyway and then bam....Black Friday DEALS! Samsung Rant on sale at Best Buy for only 19.99 w/ 2 year contract extension...I was planning on getting the Blackberry Curve for Christmas, but how could I pass this deal up?

    I thought that w/ my new 3G phone I would be getting all the features that I wanted. But lo and behold...no mp4 support for my Samsung Rant. Does anyone know of any third party applications that will help me? I mean...I can watch youtube videos, I can watch SprintTV, why can I not watch mp4's or even .avi files on my Rant.

    Issue 2:
    The web browser that is included w/ the Rant is extremely sub par. You would have thought that they would have included even a rudimentary mouse feature to be used in conjunction w/ the arrow keys but sadly, no. I tried to install the latest version of Opera Mini on my Rant, but after the first time installing it just keeps freezing at the loadup screen. Any suggestions?

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    Re: mp4 and opera mini for my Samsung Rant...

    Go to mini.opera.com and download version 3. It should work fine on your Rant.

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