I have a Samsung G600 here. I accidently left my phone charger at my mates house, oops. However, I cannot get this back until later but I need my phone to charge somehow. I've been told that the USB charger given with this in the box will make it charge, but slowly. I have footered about with it and I ain't sure how to make it connect so that it charges.

Here is the options it gives me when I connect it from the phone to the USB port to the computer;

* PC studio
* Media Player
* Mass storage
* Printer

thats the options it gives me when turned on. When off it's no options.

It just shows a battery symbol and sits at bar one, but doesn't show any sign off movement...and now I have wasted one bar off the phone's battery level from turning it on and off grr.

Any help?

Thanks in advance!

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