Hey guys! i just found this site they make great protection film!
I grew up in South Korea till when i was 10 in there so i sometimes shop from korean online stores.
this one i used to buy theirs through my friends living in Korea they make real good ones for cellphones and psp.
And i just found that they have a store in US!
You guys would probably know that s.korea is called as samsung empire as well and this one is most famous one in the market in korea as i know!
I just ordered screen protector for my brand new i910 from them..
well they have a lot of stuffs in their korean website but in this US site they just have a few items for samsung tho but sure they will bring some more stuffs i guess if you got i910 recently, i really recommand this item you will find it worthy.
i had to share this i even made an account here to share this (and info of i910.. )
hope my sharing could help!
this is really cool. sgpstore.com is their US store and sgpmall.com is their korean one check them out.

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