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    Hello everyone I am new to this so please excuse me if this seems basic (dumb). I have an unlocked Samsung SGH-F490V (Vodafone). I love all the features and have been reading that there is more to be had if I reset the firmware to the Samsung's original. I have found a place to get this, but have the following question:

    Will resetting the firmware "lock" the phone? I know I'll have to have Tmobile resend the wap and mms settings, but will my SIM work?

    Thanks for your help... if this was answered before I found no reference to it.

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    Re: New and needing help

    Hi there, by resetting the firmware to Samsung original, you are basically unbranding the phone, I.e. taking off all Vodaphone stuff.

    Going back to your question, no it will not lock your phone and getting the mms & web settings is all you would need after that.

    Hope this helps.
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