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    Anyone have any reviews about this phone? I am thinking on getting one with my new cell provider at end of this month, and can't seem to find any reviews.

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    Re: Samsung Two Step R 470

    I did not get a very good review on this phone from some of my friends. It seems the battery backup of Samsung Two Step R 470 is not too good. However I would suggest you get the details from a dealer.

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    Re: Samsung Two Step R 470

    I do actually but not that good either. Maybe it hasn't really finished with its features for its final release.

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    Re: Samsung Two Step R 470

    Samsung has just announced their newest flip phone the SCH-r470 or TwoStep for US Cellular. This midgrade handset comes with all your more common features such as music player with quick music keys, microSD card slot capable of up to 8GB expandable memory and stereo speakers.

    The Samsung TwoStep also has Bluetooth, but what would a phone be without it? This handset comes in a few different colors including Burnt Orange, Red and Purple so that users will be able to pick out the one that best suites them and their lifestyle.

    The screen measures in at 176 x 220 Pixel, 262K, 2.0″. The TeoStep also features a 1,4-megapixel camera and voice recognition features. The standard rechargeable Lithium Ion battery gives users up the three hours of talk time, which in these days is not very god for a mid-grade phone.

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