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    If you've been wanting that Pink Instinct, Best Buy jumped ahead of everyone by a few days and the pink version of the Instinct is now official and ready to buy. Sprint is even promoting a limited-time price drop or offer of $99.99 on contract after rebates.

    via: Sprint’s Samsung Instinct is now available in pink (Phone Arena)

    See More: Pink Samsung Instinct
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    Re: Pink Samsung Instinct

    i want a pink one!!!

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    Re: Pink Samsung Instinct

    The pink ones cool... just upgraded my "pink" samsung instinct the other day.... after having it 7 months only because it started falling apart...then eventually nobody could hear me. (remember i purchased this phone brand new from best by in late may 2009) and it crapped out quick. The phone itself I found to be very user friendly and also had alot of easy to use convienient practical options. But to call it a smart phone is IMHO not quite right. Its more like a 1/2 or 3/4 smartphone. Being that it has/had plenty of "smartphone" wanna be options (not sure if those options are specific to provider or not. My experience with this phone was thru Sprint) for instance the live search option wich i found very cool and convienient not to mention it helped me use the navigation feature offered by sprint much easier it was like super duper 411 with gps directions without the 411 call charge.
    Anyway I wasn't setting out to write a review or anything. I liked the phone up until I upgraded to a real "smartphone" (htc Hero) a few days ago. Granted this phone has sooooo many options and more I'm still learning how to use it... It is very very different than the samsung instinct. The main problem i'm having with the upgrade from my instinct to my htc hero is transfering my contacts from instinct to hero.. even though i used the sprint back up option. I'm not sure of who the contact transfer problem culprit is yet... could be Samsung, Htc Hero, or Sprint. Just kinda sucks.... I'm going to have to manually type in all this info ( A LOT ) from my old instinct to my new htc.... sprint cant do it they said the contact back up info isn't same format . All in all thats my experience with samsung, htc, and sprint. Hope this helps someone.

    Good luck mobiling
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    Re: Pink Samsung Instinct

    Cute phone!!
    MexiRicanNative...Princesa!! I'm a spicy mix! lol

    "Si vas a hacer algo,hazlo con estilo"

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