I have had the samsung a930 for about two years without a problem. I had broken it twice and got a insurnace replacement but insurance is up because i broke it twice.

About 4 weeks ago. I noticed a text message in my inbox and everytime i would go near it or click inbox the phone would reset.

I went to verizon and they ordered a refurb model for me of the same phone.

About a week later the new phone did the same thing.

so i went to verizon and they ordered me another one.

2 days later it came, and about another week later it did the same thing. but now the phone is restarting on its own and its has now been upgraded to freezing.

I am allowed to upgrade my phone, but I dont want to at this time.
I am planning on waiting till I am out of college(3 months) and get an iphone. so i am trying to ride it out for the next few months.

I have called verizon on 611 and they are not willing to help at all.

All they told me is I can spend 50 bucks and get the same phone again(but why would i spend 50 if i can take it to the store and get it for free?)

What can i do?
I want them to jsut give me an upgrade of this phone or even a downgrade.
I just want a working phone.

Its the 4th phone I have had in less than a month.

Thanks for the help.

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