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    Samsung's Blue Earth is made from recycled plastic from water bottles, the phone sports an "eco" mode for adjusting the brightnes of the screen, backlight duration and Bluetooth usage, and an "eco walk" app / built-in pedometer to tell you how much CO2 emission you've saved by walking instead of driving. Also the Blue Earth has got a giant solar panel on the back side that'll charge the handset just enough to make a phone call anytime the sun's out.
    No price has been mentioned.

    via: Samsung unveils Blue Earth solar powered phone

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    Re: Samgung's solar powered phone

    What an amazing idea for cellphone companies. I can't tell you how many times i've wish cellphones solar built in, my fbattery always dies in the middle of my day if I forget to charge.

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    Re: Samgung's solar powered phone

    Hmm, that's a nice idea, but if the price ain't right, it's not gonna worth it. Lots of 'green' or nice idea's sell for too MUCH then what they cost, hope samsung won;t do that.

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    Re: Samsung's solar powered phone

    This is awesome! Let us help save more trees through this.. Solar power are very useful. The sun is a gift from God, that we really need. It is indeed amazing that we can also make use of it's heat to have energy for our homes and appliances and of course, to save! Solar energy panels really helped many people. It is very useful and reasonable in saving money. It is all natural and a green nature friendly.
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    Re: Samgung's solar powered phone

    I would totally go for this if the price were normal. It would be awesome to be able to just leave my phone near a window to charge instead of having to plug it in.


    A girl can dream.

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    Re: Samgung's solar powered phone

    This is a great idea I have read everything that one could find about it. The charging sistem is quite simple, I'm astonished that nobody has done this before.
    It is not hard to install little photovoltaik panels on phones. They don't even have to be very powerful as you could still charge it normally if there is no sun.

    This will come out for shure and I hope that by this year, If not Sansung then another company. Just the price should be fair, as this is not really a complicated thing to do and it could have done a long time before.


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    Re: Samgung's solar powered phone

    It is unfortunate that Samsung could not realize such a promising idea. All due to the fact that just some years ago, people considered solar energy to be nonsense. Honestly, I myself thought so, until I saw what kind of investments the projects related to solar energy receive. Many investors saw the prospect in them, just as I see the prospect at portable solar panel
    This company creates portable solar panels. This is a very useful thing! After all, you can transfer this solar panel to the place where you need it without any difficulties. Also solar panels safer, cleaner, more environmentally friendly, and recyclable. I advise you to familiarize yourself with these portable solar panels!)
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