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    Hi, just bought a samsung blackjack II unlocked online. I love the phone, and my fiance bought the same one but the pink version. Hers came a little more updated, so I found a site that has a link to download a SMS upgrade (where the texts are grouped together like instant-messaging style). Now I don't have internet on my phone yet, so I was wondering if i hook up my phone using the usb cable to my laptop, is that a way I can upload the upgrade to my phone? I cant do it now because i'm at work but any help is appreciated. thanks.

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    Re: Help with samsung blackjack II downloads

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    Re: Help with samsung blackjack II downloads

    Well, there's a couple ways to do this.

    You can Upgrade to windows mobile 6.1 (in which case there's a guide. MSN/Yahoo me to get it, as i don't have the post number to link you, and i doubt the admin would appreciate me circumventing there precautions. )

    or you can find an app/hack to do the same thing. which can also be found where i can direct you to get the BJII upgrade guide.

    Welcome to the BJ Family!
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