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    I just got the Samsung High Note.

    I connected it to my computer and Windows Media Player recognized it. I then transferred some music from my PC to my phone but when I go to my phone and look for my music it says no music is found.

    Anybody know what I'm doing wrong?

    Also, can I put video on my phone and if so, what file format do I use?


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    Re: Samsung M63 High Note questions

    i have put mp3 files on the microSD and play the music fine

    it will play 3g2 files

    i successfully converted tom & jerry cartoon from
    a dvd to a 3g2 file and played it on the phone,
    the sound doesn't match up perfectly, i think
    its because of the converting software i'm using.
    i used a FREE trail version converting software,
    i guess i need to PAY for better software

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    Re: Samsung M63 High Note questions

    All you've got to do is plug in your phone to the computer. Then, on your phone, click the menu button, go to "tools", then "mass storage", and then click on "connect to pc." Your computer should recognize it and off you go!

    I did this with my PC, I wonder if it works with Macs. I'll try it when I get home and see. I have way more music on my Mac and I'd like to put it on my highnote. Great phone!

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