I recently lucked out and purchased the samsung saga for 115 dollars. I am very happy with the phone so far. There are a few concerns I have and as I am new to smart phones/windows mobile/pdas I was hoping for some help. I spoke with verizon and they said flash is not supported. I am mainly concerned with games but a little with movies. Are there any hacks, software, or other types of formats I can use to get some decent games for this phone? I am having trouble finding an unzipping program for the phone too. I guess I could do it on PC and transfer the file though. My main question is about the games/flash. I will list some other questions I have too. Thanks for any help.

1.Can I install flash to the Samsung Saga?
2.Where or what format games can I install?
3.What is an archive or unzip program I can use?
4.Is the task manager the only way to close a program out?
5.I try to set up my Hotmail email but it only logs me in. I also get these ozmail txt updates when I get an email. Is there something I am not doing correctly to set it up?
6.Can anyone suggest a good shell for the phone? What would be a good windows smart phone that has a zip program and flash support for games and is compatible with Verizon?
7.Not tested it yet but if I have the phone turn off to conserve power after a few minutes will my txt alerts and alarm clock still sound?

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