I am having problems with the phones from Alltel. The Motorola Roker came apart. After 4 phones, I was given the Samsung hue II SCH R600. The first phone had noise and the people couldn't here me. They gave my my sixth phone, second Samsung Hue and the nice speaker lets people hear the conversation without using the speaker phone. They tell me that is just how the phone works. The phone also defaults to "minute notify" so it beeps every minute. It can be reset, but will default back to notify. In addition, the battery runs down in one day. I am tired of these problems and having to prove these problems while receiving lots of excuses. I like the phone OK, but can't deal with other people hearing my conversations. I am not pleased with the selection of phones Altell offers without upping my plan to a smart phone. I should have a choice of phone without subscribing to the Internet. I don't need it. Does anyone have a solution to this problem or can give me a contact to get me a good phone. Can I chose a Verizon phone instead?

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