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    Hello, the screen broke on my SGH-C417 and I need to send the last photo I took to myself. Try google images and see if it is the same phone as yours--you can also remove the battery from the phone and see the model. I can still call people and receive calls so the phone is still working.

    If you can get me to my address book, I can type "my" to get to my e-mail, so that won't be an issue. On that step just say "choose a person from your address book" then say which button to push to choose the person and send the photo.

    There is one problem: When I push the camera button on the side of my phone, I get the "memory full" sound, so I need to delete all messages in my outbox first
    and probably at least delete the second to last photo.

    So without being able to see the screen at all, I need to:

    -Delete all multimedia messages from my outbox

    -Get to My Photos and Delete the second to last photo (Which arrows to press to get to the second to last photo)

    -Which arrows to press to get to the last photo, and what to push to send the last photo to an entry in my address book

    Please send step-by-step instructions for any of the above if you have this phone and provider is AT&T (needs to have AT&T-style menu system)!

    P.S. help tutorials at att.com do not help, because they use phone number instead of address book, and use Downloaded Photos instead of "My Photos" and the selection process is different--I have tried several times with several different variations to what I press.

    See More: SGH-C417: pic, see if same as yours-Need detailed steps to send photo, broke screen!
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    Re: SGH-C417: pic, see if same as yours-Need detailed steps to send photo, broke scre

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