A new, but “unofficial”, Windows Mobile ROM for the Verizon Samsung Omnia promises to unlock your Omnia’s GPS receiver from carrier-lockdown.

MoDaCo forums has announced the new Samsung Omnia ROM, and reports that the new ROM will free your Omnia to use the integrated GPS hardware with third-party mapping applications such as Live Search and Google Maps.

Other features of this unofficial Omnia ROM are:

* 5% battery increments!
* Smart Memo
* Opera Mobile 9.5 build 15679
* Favorite Settings, now known as Easy Settings
* Windows Live
* Dialer Touch Lock Settings-Off, 2s, 5s, 10s.
* Disable Threaded Text Messaging via System Settings
* iPhone-esque popup keyboard keys
* Better kinetic scrolling in Samsung apps
* Samsung Volume Control

via: Unofficial ROM unlocks Omnia GPS | WMExperts

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