I just got the new Samsung Delve (Alltel) and at first loved it. I have 3 significant issues with the phone that I think need reporting for others thinking of purchasing the phone. If anyone knows how to correct my three issues please feel free, but I have searched HIGH and LOW for the answers to these problems to no avail.

1) Samsung touts the new Delve as "Full HTML Browser" - This is NOT the case. There is no adobe flash support and I've found no way to put flash on the default browser that ships with Alltel's Samsung Delve. Does anyone realize how many flash enabled sites there are on the Internet?

2) At least on Vista, the NEW Samsung PC Studio 3 (latest updates) does not sync the phone to the computer using USB.

3) I downloaded the Bolt Browser because I heard this has flash support and is a overall better browser but after downloading, the .jad file is nowhere to be found. I even downloaded a Java Google Talk app in .jad format and it's nowhere to be found. And, it certainly is not under "Alltel Shop, manage apps"
And, since I can't get PC Studio to sync there is noway to install while it's synced.

4) (minor irritation) - INCREDIBLE resource hog. I probably charge my NEW Delve 3 times a day... and if you use GPS Navigation your going to be charging 6 or 7 times a day.

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