I just got off the phone with Samsung customer non care. My daughter's gravity keeps powering off. After troubleshooting with the carrier I purchased thru I was advised we needed to replace battery. I called Samsung as phone is only 5 months old and has 12 month warranty on accesories. You send it to them, test it and then decide if it needs replacement. YOU pay for shipping both ways, your without a phone for 4-6 wks. When I told them my daughter could not be without a phone as her newborn is ill and we need her to be able to contact 911 and doctors 24/7, and I was will to pay for the shipping of the new battery I was told too bad. And since I was willing to pay for shipping, why didn't I just buy a new battery and let him help a real customer. I have always loved my samsung phones, and this is the first time I have ever had an issue. But I just threw 5 of them in the trash and bought new phones and not one of them is a samsung!!![

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