I dropped my SCH-U620 into a bucket of clean tap water while working. I took it out and instantly removed the battery. After about 4 hours I turned it back on to see the settings messing up and the phone doing random things. I turned it back off. After about 24 hours I turned it back on and it seems to be working fine except for 2 buttons on the outside. The END button needs to be hit very hard and the right button needs to be hit hard. I have taken apart the phone and gotten to the button pad itself. Is there any way I can revive the phone? I am not under warranty anymore, (over a year) but the water damage sign did not change.
This is the broken part:
Search "Samsung SCH-U620 Outer Keyboard FPCB Sub Keyboard Mylar with Flex Cable" on Google
I would prefer to try to fix it rather than replace it, the phone was $30.

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