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    I just got a new Samsung Propel and I have the USB cable and I'd like to add music to it but all the files on my pc are windows media format and the phone says that file is not supported or something like that.

    How do I make this work? Can I use them as ringtones?

    I previously had a Razor with Motorola phone tools and I did all my own ringtones I'm wanting to do that with this Samsung but is it possible? I hate to pay $4-$6 for each tone.


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    Re: Samsung Propel how do I add music to it?

    Im sorry to say that you CANNOT use WMV formatted songs on the samsung propel. However, you CAN convert them for free using WMV to MP3 It is a very simple task and the download is fast, and totally virus-free site: h t t p : / / w w w . w m a - m p 3 . n e t/convert-wmv-to-mp3.htm

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