My Alltel Samsung Myshot won't load my inbox -- it keeps reloading the main screen. Why?

I own a Alltel Samsung Myshot cell phone. I JUST got it less than a month ago. Previously, I tried opening a picture message, and it failed due to forgetting my balance is low. Then I exited out of the text box, normal, right? Wrong.

Now....every time I got to access my Inbox. JUST my inbox, all the other message functions work, it reloads the 'Samsung' start-up screen.

I have TRIED reformatting with no luck, so I am trying to assume it is nothing that has to do with simply being downloaded; like the files being corrupt. They are not that old. Only a week or two.

I HAVE the phone where it can go to the inbox, but I have all three of the picture messages locked, and each time I accidently go over one, the phone starts it's crashing cycle yet again. What do I do? ***Would repaying my bill so the picture messages CAN open fix the problem?*** Please help. Thanks...

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