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    What can you say about the Samsung Eternity? Please post your opinions here..thanks

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    Re: Samsung Eternity!

    although you probably already decided on your phone, i think replying to this can only help others who may arrive at this site through google searches and whatnot. I have had 3 samsung eternities now , since march of this year. every single one of them had issues with the backlight not turning off. Sure, it would work fine SOMETIMES, but others, it'd just stay on for hours at a time even though the timer was set to 8 seconds. Another issue i ran into frequently was the software in the phone being laggy sometimes. Although i;m sure this happens from time to time on all phones, it seemed to be pretty persistant, especially when i was trying to type things quickly. I really like the phone, it had a good camera, nice screen, nice feel to the vibration feedback when you touch the screen, but after the 3rd phone, i said enough. I called ATT today and they finally offered me a new model , so i'm getting a "downgrade" (according to ATT) and they're sending me the LG Xenon. This phone has a touch screen, slide out keyboard, camera flash, and higher overall reviews (on CNET at least) than the Eternity. Oh, and as far as i know, the software actually works. I had heard of a firmware update coming to the eternity, but as long as i owned it, nothing ever came. So thats MY opinion on the Samsung eterntiy. i'm really dissapointed in this phone, because it really had so much potential to be great, if it werent for the half-baked software.
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    Re: Samsung Eternity!

    i used one for about a week and i had no problems with it. i can say the only thing i didnt like about it (as i do with all samsung phones) is the reception it gets. i was in an area where no other company but at&t had towers and when i used the nokia 2610, i would have full bars but when i switched the sim to the eternity, the service would drop dramatically.
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