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    Hey I am wondering what file format and how do you put ringtones on the Samsung Gravity? Because i have a Mirco SD card in there. And some ringtones but they are not showing up on my Phone. I am wondering what file format and stuff do i need to have it so it will work? I am also wondering what file format do i need to have the pictures to work?

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    Re: How to put Ringtones on Samsung Gravity

    I have been struggling with the same issues and here is what I have found. The Samsung Gravity is NOT compatible with SDHC (HC=High Capacity Cards) All SDHC cards will say HC on them so avoid those if you can. You need to have a non-HC card and it can only be up to 4 GB (I think that is the highest they make of the NON-HC so thats why the manual says 4 GB max size card) When you insert your card into the phone you need to go to the Menu, then fun and apps (6), then files (1) and make sure your memory card is inserted and clear of any data you don't want to lose, and then click on memory card (6), and then it will ask you to format. Say yes (Make sure all files you have on your card are saved somewhere else because it will delete them). Then your memory card should be formatted to your phone and you should be able to put songs under the "songs" category and access them from there.

    To Recap:

    1.) You must have a 4GB or less NON-HC (High Capacity) Micro SD card
    2.) You must format the Card to your phone
    3.) You must put the files from your PC that you want in their respective category on the card.

    Hope that helps as this has been quite an ordeal for me to figure out.

    My wife got the G1 and came with a 1GB non-HC card and I will be trading cards w/ her tonight (I got an 8GB SDHC card which has caused all the problems)

    Hope that helps!

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