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    Ok my girlfriend got a nice Alltel Samsung R800 Delve and I am a major tech geek. I am trying to find a Mobile IM client that supports VoIP (ie. Skype) I found several that SAID they work for the Samsung R800 Delve but none will install or operate. They all were Java applications. I heard the R800 is built on Java and supports Java AND BREW but i also heard Alltel doesn't support Java. I think a phone built on java supports Java no matter the carrier, although I could be wrong. Now if anyone could help me with my predicament, it would be nice. Me and my girlfriend would LOVE to call each other or free over our unlimited data plans =]

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    Re: Samsung R800 (Delve) Java (Alltel)

    I have am having the same problem but with games. I know it has java on it i am just not understand why its not working. I know that altel SUCKS as a company. I had then for 22 days and DUMPED THEM. The company that I will tell everyone to go to is US CELLULAR. I have had Sprint(then can go to hell) and At&t ( so out expensive and not EVEN worth it)

    US Cellular phone may not have the coolest phone but they do have a lot of great phones, but they are priced great and very VERY fair. I would call them up and dump altell. just dont cancel until you call them up or you cant keep your number. uscc dot com is there web address. as far as getting java on the phone I am not sure I know is on there but my guess is call tech support for Samsung or your carrier.

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