I have a samsung u520 cell with Alltel carrier. I am trying to connect to computer using a data cable and MA 8212P handset manager package.

I know the cable and prior installation worked with phone but computer crashed and cannot get the usb driver connected again after computer rebuild. The handset manager seems to be installed ok.

I downloaded 2 software parts from usa.mobileaction.com for the U520 cell

1. MA-8212P USB cable device driver &modem V9.5 This is what is not connecting the phone

2. Handset manager for Samsung U520 V.9.5. This seems to be installing.

When I run the USB, it runs for a while and then asks to turn on the phone. It seems like a pop up flashes on and goes away immediately. The software then just hangs.

I have tried this down load on 3 different computers (xp) and the same thing happens.

Any ideas on how to get the USB cable driver installed???

Thanks in advance - hbm1211

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