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    well what do you think of this phone. i got a samsung omnia right now and was thinking of switching to t-mobile for this phone. also how is the service of t mobile compared to verizon?

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    Re: gimme your opinion on the Samsung Memoir

    I personally don't think that the Memoir is really any better than the Behold. The phone is nice and the 8 mega pixel camera is a nice feature but the lense protrudes a little bit which I find to be annoying. Besides the camera, the phone is exactly the same as the Behold. The Behold is a nice phone and doesn't have an obnoxious camera lense. It has a 5 mega pixel camera which takes very nice pics. While I don't think you would go wrong buying the Memoir, I really dont think it is neccessary or worth that much more than the earlier version. I also don't think it looks as cool. It looks more like a camera than it does a phone. I almost bought it myself so I understand you interest. One thing to consider with that one is that I dont believe it has wi-fi. I don't know if that is important to you but if it is, neither of the phones mentioned are the ones you will want. A plus for both: Picture quality is beautiful. Also, video displayed on the screen looks very very nice. A little small display (actually quite a bit smaller than most other touch phones) but the color is vibrant and clear. If you do go to T-Mobile, the G1 Google phone is better than both Samsung phones unless the thing you are interested is only the camera.

    Verizon vs T-Mobile:
    Stay with Verizon. I just switched to T-Mobile and the service kinda sucks! I can't keep a signal in the building I work in which is in a hot spot & supposed clear area (downtown Detroit) and the building is also full of windows. I also drop calls in my basement. I had Sprint before this which I thought was bad but in all actuality, compared to T-Mobile, their service was better. I had full signal strength at work and in my basement. I also had Cingular before that which I found to be better than T-Mobile. My fiance' has Verizon and I brought her phone to work and it worked just fine also. I've actuall never heard a bad thing about Verizon. I've always heard they are the best so my advice to you is to stay with them. I've found T-Mobile to be a dissapointment so far. I would rank them number 4 out of the 4 biggest cell phone companies out there. Verizon-1, AT&T-2, Sprint/Nextel-3, T-Mobile trailing far behind-4.

    Hope my opinion mattered at least a little bit!

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