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    I have a purple samsung rant which came with a USB cord, but the thing is whenever i plug the USB cord into my computer nothing happens. i have a mac computer running on OS 10.4.11.
    My questions are:
    Q:Is my samsung rant compatible with a mac computer?
    Q:How do i put music into my samsung rant by using a USB cord?
    (if you know the answer to #2, can you please make it as descriptive as possible?)

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    Re: Help putting music into my samsung rant.

    YES. You need to plug the phone in, then go to Tools, Mass Storage, and Connect to PC. Then the card will show up in OS X. MAKE SURE YOU RIGHT CLICK/CONTROL CLICK AND EJECT THE DRIVE WHEN YOU ARE DONE, THEN TURN THE PC CONNECT OFF. I have a macbook, just plug in all the cables FIRST and then go to the Tools to turn that on! Enjoy.

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