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    Help me.. How do I remove the sim card on my U800 fone?? It was easy to put it in, but I can't seem to get it off.. help me pls....

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    Re: Problem on my SGH-U800 fone... need help, asap.. pls...

    Back cover and battery
    Take them out

    Then put a small piece of scotch tape on the part of the sim card you can see, leaving enough on the other end to give yourself a small handle to pull

    Push the tape down on the card, then use the part that you left not on anything and pull straight back (down) towards the bottom of the phone,
    That should loosen the SIM card up enough to ether remove it the rest of the way using your finger or just keep the tape on it and keep pulling until it's all the way out.

    That's what I do when I have a SIM card that I can't get out. Works every time.

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