I'm looking at possibly getting a bluetooth headset for my Sammy Omnia. I know absolutely nothing about bluetooth and headset.
I want a headset that can be used as a single bud headset if all I'm doing at the time is using it for my phone. But I would also like the option of being able to make it into a stereo earbuds for listening to music with my phone.
(I'm also looking into something that you add to an iPod to make it bluetooth as well so maybe I could use it with that. But that's a whole other issue.)
I would just like some suggestions on how good it is to use bluetooth to listen to music. And also if anyone has any suggestions on a good bluetooth headset to buy.
I found this one on Ebay and it looks like a nice one. At lease it can be used as a single bud headset for the phone then just attach the second earbud when you want to listen to music. But I dont' know if it's good choice or not. I am looking for decent sounding earbuds as well.

Here is what I'm looking at.

The plantronics looks more like what I'm looking for as far a form and how it can be used.
What do you guys think and/or do you have any better suggestions on good quality headsets that can be used with a phone with the single earbud and then add a earbud to make it stereo.
Thanks for your time and help in this matter.

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