recently, i saw a post in an chinese forum talking about SCH-H688 an oversea version of Samsung W699. for my curiosity, i translate it in english to share with your guys.

Touch SCH-H688 European and American version of Samsung W699

Slide phone trial (the appearance of articles)

From a few months ago, there are rumors on the Internet alleging that since the successful cooperation between Samsung and China Telecom about Samsung W699 mobile phone, Samsung will again with the European, North American and another multinational operators launch a slider version of the W699 mobile phone Touch SCH-H688. Now, the fact proves it that operators are indeed released a new slider phone. I had a chance to see the prototype and carried out a trial and I feel very good after the trial. Now, let me tell you how excellent it is.

First of all, it is no exception to the first look at the phone itself. From appearance of H688, lordly style is the first impression people will get. You may think it is the Chinese version of the W699flip mobile phone for the first glance.

Looking at the front, side and back of H688, you will know H688 is totally inherited the lordly style from the previous generation W699. People may think itís the same one, but when you get it in your hands you will find in fact it is a slider phone. The materials of the housing are more excellent, they are all super-alloy parts with good metal feeling.

Like W699, the front of H688 is also made by super-alloy material with UV coating on the surface, which has a high resistance against scratching. To test it, I tried to scrape the surface, but nothing left on it.

The rear housing made by super alloy too, but on the surface, there are laser carving vertical stripes, so that the use of mobile phones in a few months later would be able to maintain bright shine!

For the keyboard design, they chose wire drawing film keyboard, which has good hand-feeling, you can feel it much softer than the regular keys. Long time playing games or sending text messages, your finger will not feel tired.

The lighting effects after boot-strap, we can feel a very fresh and clean lighting effect, there is no miscellaneous light, no light leakage, and the structural process is perfect.

Next, we take a look at the battery cover. it can be opened when you push the whole cover down. The up part is the same to the former use of super-alloy with wire drawing. The front and the rear are the same design. It let the phone radiate a very strong feeling of the metal material. The hand -feeling is comfortable and it is a considerable design.

The size is 96.2mmX54mmX18mm, I have to say H688 is more lordly than the W699.

Based on the W699, H688 added three colors, deep Bordeaux red represents luxury, pink shows cute fashion element, purple emits charming allure.

To be continued:

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