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    i was cruising and saw this and thought i would spread my knowledge so i just registered. i know this is going to be stickied.

    i have devised a completely internet free way to get custom ringtones on sprint phones (specifically). i know this works on the lg rumor, samsung rant, instinct, and exclaim. i refused to pay 2.50 a ringtone so i spent many many hours figuring out a fool proof method, so here it goes and i hope everyone can appreciate this.

    1. go to "ventones.com", register, and upload the mp3 you want for a ring tone.

    2. then select the 30 seconds you want and select "create tone".

    3. and then where it says "save free ringtone" right click and select "save link as" and save it to your desktop.

    4. rename the file extension to ".avi". in order to do this, go to control panel>folder options>view and unclick "hide extensions for known file types" and then apply and ok.

    5. after renamed, use pazera to convert the ".avi" to .3g2. when you use pazera to convert, go to where it says "profile" and from the dropdown menu select "high quality - 3g2 - h263 500 kbps - aac 96 kbps - 176 x 144" and then click the load button right next to it. then press convert and your basically done. oh yeah make sure your output directory is the same as your input directory to avoid confusion.

    6.once converted, load the file onto your microsd card (specifically DCIM>100xxxxx) and put in your phone.

    7. once in your phone, go to "my albums" (easiest way is by pressing camera button) and then go to your memory card. highlight the file and press "options" then click "assign>video ringer" and select the person you want that ringer for.

    8. done!

    if you follow this guide by the instructions you should have no problems getting custom ringers.

    links for the website and program:



    (get rid of stars obviously, since this my first post they wont let me post links)

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    Re: mp3's as ringtones - no internet!

    Works ok!! Thanks

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    Re: mp3's as ringtones - no internet!

    do you know a way to assign the ringtones for text messages?

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    Re: mp3's as ringtones - no internet!

    I just recently got an LG Rumor touch, and have searched high and low on how to use my own custom ring tones (I'm just funny like that), since my favorite ring tone actually came off of one of my older phones. Anyway ... thanks so very much for your post, but there is actually a shortcut to the conversion process, so I thought I would share. Hope this helps ...

    Crop your mp3 clip to about 30 seconds or less. There are a wide variety of tools that can accomplish this. I personally use Audacity which is a very easy app to use (plus it's free). There is a small plug-in you will need to install to do the conversion to an mp3 after the crop, but you can get all that info from the Audacity web site.

    Anyway - after you have made your clip and are happy with it, use the Audacity conversion tool to save it as an mp3. After you have done that, just right click the file and select 'rename'. Just change the file extension after the dot from mp3 to 3g2. That's all there is to it, then follow the rest of the instructions written in the original post. But assigning is a bit tedious since you have to assign it for individual contacts, instead of being able to assign as a default ringer

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