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    Hi All,

    I needed some help regarding the recovery of a physically damaged SD card. I inserted a new cell phone's SD card into a wrong-sized card reader (which I use for a different mobile memory card) and it got stuck inside so I had to pry it out.

    I guess it got scratched (although they don't show) and now when I try to read it from my PC (using the correct card reader), the system cannot detect the drive at all. Also, when I insert this card into its respective cell phone (Samsung), the phone cannot detect the card and the card gets heated. When I inserted the SD card into another phone (also Samsung), the card got very hot again and a message appeared to format the card as it is unreadable.

    Basically I just need this card to get detected by the PC somehow, after that I could possible use a normal recovery software for all the pictures that are saved on it.

    Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks & Regards,


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    Re: Samsung SD card not detected by PC

    eek, if it's heating up it sounds like there's nothing you can do

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