I know how to use this phone correctly, however I have to ask whether anyone's come across the same problem as me while using this phone...if so what can I do to fix it:

I have been sending pictures to the same t-mobile phone since I've had my Smooth (of which has been for about a year), and just within the past couple days it's been saying that the message has failed... every single time I go to send this one person a multimedia picture message. I can't figure it out.

Their phone's not off, by the way. They have still been able to recieve picture messages from other people, send picture messages (even to me), etc. I am able to send picture messages to, and recieve picture messages from, everyone else. I'm also able to text and call him, but I can't send him a picture message no matter what.

This confuses me. I'm sorry if I was unable to explain this well. ]:

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