Hey Im new here so after exhausting my other options I thought I would try here.

I just got a new sim card from AT&T earlier today and it has my active number on it
Problem is, when I put the sim card into my D307, it says "SIM Lock, Enter Password"

I put my old sim card in and I have no service, but I can still access the phone. I then went into the settings from there and went to the "Disable SIM Lock" option but it asks for a password. I tried resetting the phone a few times already with the reset code and it still asks for a password and everything I put in comes up as invalid, whether it be, 1,2,3,4 or 0000 or 00000000.

I called Samsung and they want to 're-flash' it. Which will take 2 - 4 weeks, Which I simply DO NOT have the option of doing.

I put the sim card in an old old OLD at&t phone and I can call out and use it as normal.
So even when I reset the phone, it still asks for a password,

Can someone help me?

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