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    i have an prepayed samsung phone i got from walmart by vrisonwireless and i want the victory fanfair tone from final fantsy 7 the only way i can get it is if some one gets it and sends it to me can some one please do that my numbers 931-434-4679

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    Re: ring tone help

    First, you should never post your cell phone number naked in an open internet forum like that. There are thousands (if not more) of unscrupulous people out there who have spiderbot programs crawling the web looking for email adresses and phone numbers. You could find yourself signed up for Premium Text Messaging services, billed for game or other application subscriptions ... or just spammed with a lot of useless advertising.

    Second, since the song you mentioned is protected by copywrite, asking someone to send it to you is asking then to participate in an publicly advertised criminal endeavor. While the forum rules make no discernible judgment either way about promoting illegal activity, I would think it cannot be something that can be condoned here.

    Third, I'm a kindred spirit. I like having ringtones on my phone that are of personal meaning to me, and sometimes those songs or sound effects aren't available in the wireless carrier's ringtone store. There's a blooper reel on the first Charlie's Angels DVD where Drew Barrymore blew a take while riding in a car, and instead of the typical "Oh #*&@!" she says, "Nyuk nyuk snort snort wheeeeeee!". It cracked me up so much I just had to have it as a message notification sound. You can't find a thing like that in the ringtone store,

    So I got on the web and figured out what utility I would need to rip audio from a DVD, got the desired sound clip, converted it to a compatible format with a file converter and then laid my hands on a compatible USB data cable and a program called BitPim. BitPim is a wonderful free program designed specifically for moving data (address books, text messages, pictures, ringtones, etc.) between cell phones and PC's. By using that program, I was able to move the sounds I wanted into my LG vx9800, then later into the vx9900 and the Voyager.

    If you look up BitPim in google, you'll find the program easily and will find the support documentation on the BitPim website is pretty helpful. And of course you can look through Cell Phone Forums for further support info by using the SEARCH function in the upper right hand corner of the page and searching for BitPim.

    Good luck!
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