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    This is a repost with my added input.
    Google search, Download and unzip the following software:
    Samsung Tether

    1. Install the USB driver, plug in the phone and the Samsung device will install.
    2. Open up the cdma_workshop folder and double click the cdma_workshop.exe.
    3. Follow the guide below
    How to tether Samsung Instinct with Windows PC

    by Bruno on Mon Oct 06, 2008 10:07 pm
    It will prompt you 3 times to install different Samsung Instict Devices.

    Once that is complete we can move to the program to get your MSL number.

    With your phone plugged in we will now need to find what COM port the phone is using on the computer. Go to your system properties and then to the device manager or Right click the My Computer icon on your desktop click Properties then click on the Hardware Tab and then click on the Device Manager Button.
    Now go down to Ports and expand the Ports section.

    Find SAMSUNG Mobile Modem Diagnostic Serial Port (WDM) (COM...port #...) that will be your port number. Remember that.
    Mine installed to COM port 9, I changed it in device manager to COM port 2
    Open up the cdma_workshop folder and double click the cdma_workshop.exe. Now set the COM port to what we just found it was using. Make sure the Baud Rate is 11520. Now click the Connect button you will see it successfully connect at the bottom of the program.

    Now that its connected click on the Security tab, then under the Password (16 digits) section select from the drop down Samsung (default).

    Now click the Send button below, then a window pops up saying Password is correct. Phone unlocked. Click OK

    Now on the right side in the SPC/User Lock section you will see a six digit number this is your MSL number. WRITE THIS DOWN.

    Click the Main tab and then click the Disconnect button, close program.

    Now to unlock the phone modem capability,
    Go to your phone dialer type in ##332846368# it will then prompt you to Enter Current Code this is where you enter your MSL number that we found earlier. Enter it and then press the Done button.

    You are now in the Debug Menu.
    Select the "Toggle NAI" option and then select the "Off Modem NAI" option. After this, click Done. Now your phone is able to be tethered.

    Next we setup and Dial-up connection in your Network Propties.
    Right Click My Network Places on your Desktop and click porperties or go to Start button - Settings - Control Panel - Double click Network Connections. "this is probably different on a Vista machine, I am using XP"
    Once in Network Connections go to File - New Connection.
    Click Next and then select "Connect to the Internet" then Next.

    Select "Setup up my connection manually" then Next.

    Select "Connect using a dial-up modem" then Next.

    Select the Samsung Modem then click Next.

    Name the connection what ever you would like then click Next.

    Now enter the Phone number #777 then click Next.

    For username and password LEAVE THESE BLANK YOU DO NOT NEED ANY INFO IN THESE Click next.

    Now you are Finished creating your Modem connection. Now lets give it a try.

    In your network properties you will now have a connection dial-up connection that you created. Double click on it and the click the dial button you will see on your phone a new screen showing the connection

    This is yet another option from this same thread:
    OK, go to the dial pad, ##usb# (##872#) it will either give a MDM mode or NAI mode, as you may have guessed, it needs to be in the MDM mode. remove the sd card, plug in the data cable, usb end in PC, go to connections on your PC, ad a dial up, enter #777, no user name or password. it'll dial
    Any problems: Remove the Sd Memory card
    Hope that helps I tried to get almost every detail.

    See More: Tether Sprint Instinct
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    Re: Tether Sprint Instinct

    I really appreciate your detail help!!!

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    Re: Tether Sprint Instinct

    Tried to do it, and it works well! I recommend it! Thanks a lot for sharing all the information so detailed. I really appreciate the pictures! Great work!

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    Re: Tether Sprint Instinct

    Omg thank you :dddd

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    Re: Tether Sprint Instinct

    thanks very much, it is a good news ... i think i will try it .. you have a nice day

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    bms operator
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    Re: Tether Sprint Instinct

    it's a nice and helpful thread,thanks for sharing

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    Re: Tether Sprint Instinct

    Sprint's robust 3G data network is easily the equal of Verizon's, and now several of the company's smart devices also support EV-DO Rev A for even faster transfers. In fact, the numbers ring up very similar to what Verizon users experience.

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    Re: Tether Sprint Instinct

    if someone tehters off me will it deplete MY data package?

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