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    Last week, the Samsung Omnia HD i8910 was posted about having a 1GHz processor. Today, we found out that is not exactly the truth.

    People over at Samsung India figured they could add the 420 MHz speed of the sound processing chip and the 600MHz speed of the ARM cortex-A8 CPU to make the deal sound better for marketing reasons. Even though it does add up to the 1GHz, that doesn't mean that your going to get the speed of 1GHz. Your still going to get the 600 MHz CPU.

    via: Busted: Samsung Omnia HD in India doesn't have 1GHz CPU - news

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    Re: Samsung Omnia HD i8910 1GHZ... not.

    And while all that is true, and we would all wish that the handset manufacturers would be honest about their specifications ...

    I still have to admire the fact that it has a 600 MHz processor ... one of the hightest powered processors ever crammed into a cell phone.
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