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    A new Samsung device will be coming soon according to the Samsung’s website. Although Samsung has not officially announced the handset, the SCH-W860 is a clamshell, slim in design with brushed aluminum exterior, six different LED equipped 'T' and metallic keys. The new Samsung SCH-W860 will be offered through SK Telecom. Other features include:

    * 2.2-inch (240×320) display
    * GSM bands support
    * HSDPA
    * dual camera – 2MP main camera and other for video conferencing
    * music player
    * SOS function
    * Bluetooth
    * Video/Music on Demand
    * Subway Maps
    * e-dictionary
    * microSD card slot.

    Pricing has not been mentioned at this time.

    via: Samsung SCH-W860 for SKT | Samsung Hub

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    Re: Samsung SCH-W860

    nice design, very slim

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