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    Hi. I havea samsung SGH-t639 and I just called 611 to ask: "How do you install java games on my Samsung SGH-t639"? Then they said that I do not have Java installed on my Samsung SGH-t639.
    Can you please get me good information on how to instal it?
    I also got a Micro sd card so I can transfer it from my laptop.

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    Re: How do you...Java Games

    Is that a t-mobile thing to keep you buying games from t-mobile only? I thought just about every cell phone has java!!

    I guess you could check getjar.com and see if there is some mobile java installer that would work, but not sure. You might have to unlock the phone or something, although I am not the one to tell you how to do that. There is plenty of info on that here on the forum, though. Search your phone model name and java and see what you find. Good luck!

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