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    I have a Samsung Instinct s30 and I have connected via usb cable 2-3 times, and not til recently my computer stopped recognizing the devise as a usb modem or usb mass storage. I am running Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit and so far I have tried downloading and reinstalling the drivers which I obtained from Sprint. Still when I plug in my phone I get the "Unknown Device" message. Any HELP plz?

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    Re: Windows Does Not Recognize USB Device

    Sometimes USB devices get "hung up". Even though you have re-installed the drivers, they will still be unrecognized sometimes. Some things to try:

    Check to see if you are plugging it into the same USB port on your computer that you used when things were working right. Try all the USB ports you have if you can't remember.

    If that doesn't work, try going into computer>properties>hardware>device manager (or whatever route you want to take to "device manager" in Windows). Check the USB listing for any exclamation marks. If there is one, try and reset it. If there isn't, close device manager, then re-boot windows. Sometimes that will straighten things out.

    I just had to go through this routine with a USB photo memory card reader today. It kept either not showing up or saying unrecognized device. Then I remembered I usually plugged it into another port, so I tried that one. Everything was happy again.

    If these things don't help, then you got me!

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